Uganda Tea Development Agency

Your true partner in the tea industry

Tea as a cash crop was introduced in Uganda over 100 years ago (1901). But in Kanungu District, where the factory is located, the green leaf was not grown unit 1958.

Tea growing in Kayonza was started by the Uganda Development Corporation. The nurseries were first...

Igara Growers Tea Factory is located 12km on Ishaka-Kasese road in Kyamuhunga sub-county, Bushenyi district in the southwestern part of Uganda. It was established in 1969 and started processing black tea in 1970.The management of Igara Tea Factory like all other smallholder tea...

Tea growing in Buhweju was started by Uganda Development Corporation. Nurseries were established in 1961 and the field planting was 1963. There was no factory unit established not until April 2012. From 1964 all the leaf from Buhweju was being taken to Igara for manufacturing...


Uganda Tea Development Agency Ltd (UTDAL), is a management body for Igara, Kayonza and Buhweju Tea factories all situated in the hilly western region of Uganda - East Africa. UTDAL provides specialized services to the tea grower factories for timely and effective service to our clients.

All critical management tasks at the factories are directly managed by UTDAL under different departments. UTDAL is headed by a General Manager in provision of Marketing, Administration, Manufacturing, Engineering, Financial Management and planning services to the factory units. We also provide Field extension and procurement services through our concerned departments under direct supervision of the different unit heads.