Uganda Tea Development Agency

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Igara Growers Tea Factory Ltd, situated in Bushenyi district, south western Uganda is a small holder tea processing Factory.

Its operations involve consumption of large quantities of water, fuel, fuel wood, electrical energy and chemicals.

We recognise our role in protecting the environment for the present and future generations and in helping to secure the sustainability of the company’s activities.

The company is therefore committed to taking all practical means and measures using available financial, technical and material resources to:-

 Ensure sound environmental practices such as proper drainage in and around the processing site, proper waste disposal, proper waste water treatment by use of lagoons and using environmentally friendly methods in disposing polythene and plastic wastes.

 Ensure that there is full compliance with applicable legal and other requirements to which the organisation subscribes.

 Ensure optimal and efficient usage of input resources.

 Continually adapt and integrate Cleaner Production concept, HACCP principles, QMS, FLO and Food Safety Management systems in the Factory’s activities.

 Ensure continual improvement and prevention of pollution and institute measures to mitigate the effects arising from our environmental activities.

 Provide adequate training and resources to all employees in order to meet our environmental objectives.

 Inform our customers, suppliers and entire public about our efforts to protect the environment and encourage them to participate.

 Encourage every body’s diligence in implementing all the above objectives.

 Review this policy as is stipulated in control of documents procedure for the review and update of all documents.

Approved by;
General Manager
March 1st 2010