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Environmental Policy

The Board of Directors and management of Kayonza Growers Tea Factory Ltd are committed to Tea processing involving consumption of large quantities of electricity, water, fuel, oils, chemicals and other auxiliary materials. The Company acknowledges that its operations can have negative impacts on the environment and humans and is therefore strongly committed to minimizing and, where possible, eliminating the negative impacts due to its activities by:

a) Preventing Pollution at the source by integrating Cleaner Production and other related concepts in the day-to-day operations of the company
b) Ensuring that all the company operations are in full compliance with all appropriate national environmental laws, regulations and other legal requirements.
c) Complying with all voluntary requirements to which our company subscribes
d) Ensuring continual improvement through measuring and monitoring of factory operations and reviewing our company objectives and targets.
e) Training all the employees especially those whose activities require critical control as per this policy
f) Ensuring that this policy is implemented and communicated to customers, suppliers, all persons who work for and on behalf of the company and to the general public by uploading it on the website and displaying on notice boards.
In order to achieve this objective, the Board has appointed an ISO 14001:2004 (E) implementation EMS Manager. The committee includes the General Manager and the entire management, who are responsible for seeking approval of the Board for the necessary resources available for the implementation of the standard. The policy is communicated to all company employees in order to facilitate its implementation. The policy is regularly reviewed in order to keep it up-to-date.