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Kayonza Growers Tea Factory

Kayonza Growers Tea Factory is situated in Kanungu District, Butogota Town Council, 25kms to the famous home of the mountain gorillas, Bwindi National Park in the south western Uganda.

Fully owned by 5617 small scale shareholders where shares are acquired through monthly deductions from their pay for green leaf delivered to the factory.

Climate and Altitude
Kayonza tea fields stand high at over 5,800 ft above sea level with Rainfall averages of 1350 mm per year. These conditions are highly suitable for tea growing throughout the year.

Factory operations are overseen by the General Manager, assisted by five department heads. A seven member board oversees and guides the factory in policy on behalf of the shareholders.

Kayonza manufactures Black CTC (Cut, Tear, Curl) teas with made tea production of 3,000 tonnes annually. Primary grades (BP1, PF1, PD and D1) make about 90% and Secondary grades (BP, PF, D, BMF and F1) make 10% of the total production. Our made tea is popular for its quality. The leaf is known to be neat, clean, black and well sorted to grade. The infusions are quite bright while the liquors are bright and strong, high quality appreciated by various markets.

Sales & Marketing.
Kayonza tea is available both locally and internationally through the Mombasa port. Kindly contact our Sales and Marketing Department for orders and more information.

International Certifications & Standards
Kayonza Growers Tea Factory has been implementing a number of quality standards. These underlie ISO 22000:2005 a certificate Kayonza secured in 2010 in addition to the ISO 140001-2004 (Environmental standard). Kayonza is also Fair Trade certified and is already on course in pursuit and implementation of the Rainforest Alliance standard.
We are currently implementing a climate change project for which Kayonza emerged one of the winners of the 2015 Equator Award by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Kayonza Growers Tea factory is steered in policy by a 7 member board of directors. The membership is as HERE indicated.

KAYONZA'S Financials are shown in the graph below.


Kayonza has been of great importance to the entire tea growing community in various ways.

The company has intervened in areas of health, Education, sanitation and Transport infrastructure.

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