Uganda Tea Development Agency

Your true partner in the tea industry


We do offer a wide range services to the Tea sector in Uganda and general public. Over the years, UTDAL has amassed expertise and experience in tea development & management which has given us capacity to play a larger role in the growth of the tea industry in Uganda through provision of the following services to the public.

Factory Unit Management Services

UTDAL as a management agency, has been at the core of operations of three key tea producing/manufacturing factories of Kayonza, Igara and Buhweju for over 12 years. These three marks currently top all Ugandan marks and favorably competing with leading marks at the Mombasa auction, the largest Tea Trade center in Africa.
We have over the years exhibited high resilience and efficiency in both operations and marketing in management of tea factory units and hence some of the notable achievements.

Sales & Marketing

This department is wholly responsible for promotion, sales and marketing of all our teas; locally and internationally. Particularly, the department is responsible for the following;

  • Facilitating sale of teas in all the market outlets; both locally in Uganda & exports.
  • Ensure prompt collection of tea proceeds from all buyers
  • Undertake sales promotions of teas using cost effective method with the aim of expanding the market share
  • Financial Services
    Tea Management Consultancy Services

    UTDA is manned and composed of the most experienced and prominent personalities in the Uganda Tea Industry. With an experience span of over 25 years in active tea sector management and operations, UTDA is best suited for any consultations about the entire Tea sector in Uganda.
    We may be of great help in areas such as Estate management, Factory unit operations, Forecasts, and planning in as far as the Tea crop is concerned.


    UTDAL provides procurement services for machinery and farm inputs. We are best placed to benefit from collective bargaining especially for herbicides and fertilizers from the different suppliers.