Uganda Tea Development Agency

Your true partner in the tea industry

About Us

Uganda Tea Development Limited (UTDAL) is a Management agency owned by Igara and Kayonza Tea Factories. It was formed in 2001 to provide specialized services to the smallholder Tea Growers factories of Igara and Kayonza.

These services Include;

  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Administartion
  • Manufactuting
  • Procurement
  • Financial Management
  • Agricultural Extension

UTDAL employs Senior Managers at both Factories and at the Head Office in Kampala to run the companies.

UTDA as a management agency was formed to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the management, through provision of specialized services to the smallholder tea grower’s factories of Igara and Kayonza.

The management agency employs a cross section of high caliber, well-trained and experienced staff to run the Factories in order to guarantee the quality of black tea supplied to the market. It is headed by a Chief Executive Officer assisted by other managers in planning, Administration management, Finance, Procurement and Marketing. The Management staff is seconded to the factories they are based. Each factory is headed by a General Manager, assisted by six heads of Departments to manage the factory operations.