Uganda Tea Development Agency

Your true partner in the tea industry

Igara Growers Tea Factory

To become Uganda’s model business for small scale farmers’ organisations.

To generate admirable incomes for tea farmers and stakeholders in a sustainable manner.


  • Increase farmers’ yields.
  • Improve value of finished product.
  • Improve managerial & operational practices.
  • Attain processing capacity growth.
  • Improve gearing & liquidity with an appropriate balance.
  • Improve stakeholder confidence.
  • Grow participation in tea sub-sector at national level.

Igara Growers Tea Factory is situated in the South Western part of Uganda at Butare, Kyamuhunga Sub-county, Igara West, Bushenyi District 12 Kms from Ishaka along the Mbarara-Kaseese high way.

The farmers acquired the factory from the government of Uganda in the 1990s during the privatization drive. Out of 5500 total number of farmers, 3454 are shareholders of the company and their acquisition of shares was achieved through monthly deductions from their pay for green leaf delivered to the factory.

Climate and Altitude
Most of the tea is grown in areas of over 5,400 ft above sea level. Rainfall averages 1500 mm per year, which is quite suitable for tea growing but split into wet and dry seasons.

Operations & Management.
The company is managed by an elected nine member Board of Directors who hire the management services of Uganda Tea Development Agency Limited (UTDAL). Factory operations are overseen by the General Manager, assisted by a deputy General Manager and several other department heads.

Igara manufactures Black CTC (Cut, Tear, Curl) teas with an annual made tea production of 3,000 tonnes. Primary grades (BP1, PF1, PD and D1) make about 90% and Secondary grades (BP, PF, D, BMF and F1) make 10% of the total production.

Sales & Marketing.
Our teas are available both locally and internationally through the Mombasa port. More details on sales and marketing information can be found HERE. You can also contact us to instantly place your order for Igara teas.

International Certifications & Standards
We have acquired ISO 14001 (Environment management standard), HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) a food management standard, and UNBS quality mark for our teas. The factory has been recommended for certification for meeting the ISO 9001/2001 requirements.


Igara Tea Factory operations are overseen by a 9 Member Board of Directors as seen HERE

The IGARA'S Financials are represented in the following chart.


Igara Growers Tea Factory has touched many communities' lives in the tea growing areas; through provision of a range of social amenities. Health Units, Schools, public roads have been supported majorly in terms of structures as you will see the gallery. Farmers and Workers have also been aided in various ways in an effort to improve the tea business community.

Below is the gallery of Igara Factory